Looking for a fun outdoor project? Take a cue from Swam Rust and calculate a tree’s age.

What does this project explore? You can learn about a tree’s growth and history by observing its rings. Scientists have been able to use the information from the sizes and spacing of tree rings to identify climate change. These studies can also identify trees that are suffering from the early stages of pollution effects or can identify an area that is not getting enough irrigation. Past climate conditions can be discovered and future climate patterns can be predicted from the study of tree rings.

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tree explorer is a concept for an augmented reality app.

the idea here is that you could walk up to a tree and peel it open with touch gestures. then as each layer of wood structure is splayed open, you could use a two-finger zoom to break out a microscopic chunk of it. this chunk would be interactive, rotatable, and you could see various functions animate - like the movement of water and nutrients.

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