Stirling Engine" by Maker Made Tschikay on DIY.

A Stirling engine is a heat engine operating by the heating and cooling (expansion and contraction) of air. Unlike the internal combustion engine, the Stirling Engine is known as an external combustion engine because the creation of heat happens on the outside. This project solves a challenge for the Mechanical Engineer Skill.

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Challenge of the Day: Make a Hydraulic Hand

A Hydraulic Device uses fluid to do work. Fluid is pushed from one tube to another, moving a platform a certain distance. The work done by a hydraulic device is dependent on the diameter of the tubes as well as the distance the fluid is moved. Create your own hydraulic hand using some standard syringes and become a Mechanical Engineer Skill.

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DIY Brushbot

Electronic Toys combine classic themes with today’s technologies. With a basic knowledge of motors, batteries and circuits, you can create high-tech toys that do some pretty cool things. You can add electronics to an existing toy, or create one from scratch. This Brushbot solves a challenge for the Toy Maker Skill.

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Circuit Bender Workshop | Sunday, January 6, 12:00-2:00pm

Where: Children’s Creativity Museum 221 Fourth St. 
San Francisco, CA 94103 
(415) 820-3320

Interested in robotics? Join the DIY team for this Brushbots Workshop. Learn to convert old household items into your very own robot. These mini-robots are easy to build, customizable, and fun to race! All materials will be provided, and the workshop is free with paid general admission. See you there!

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 ’London Underground Circuit Maps’ by Yuri Suzuki

Responding to ‘thrift’ as a theme, Suzuki’s work explores communication systems in consumer electronics. A printed circuit board (PCB) is used as a precedent for developing a electrical circuit influenced by Harry Beck’s iconic London underground map diagrams. By strategically positioning certain speaker, resistor and battery components throughout the map, users can visually understand the complex networks associated with electricity and how power is generated within a radio. 

Map your land and become a Cartographer.

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Motherboard Earth by Alain Bousque:

Encoded in our DNA is the organic circuitry of life, programming everything from our physical structure to the hardwired commands needed to run, fight, or play. Alain’s series of interlaced circuits create a user interface for the abstract ideas we use to build our world.

ArtistBehance / Website

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E-volo Personal Helicoptor:

The ‘e-volo' multicopter is a prototype personal transport vehicle, steerable via joystock and powered by sixteen propellers to hover in the air. a team of german professionals— physicist Thomas Senkel, programmer Stephan Wolf, and designer Philipp Halisch, as well as Alexander Zosel— have just completed the first prototype and test flight of the craft, which they imagine for use towards entertainment purposes, aerial photography and inspection, and short-distance travel.

A great inspiration for designing your own vehicle and becoming a Transport Engineer.

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