Challenge of the Day: Make a Track Casting

You can create a lasting record of a track by casting it in plaster. Look in soft mud near water sources, damp sand, and other ideal surfaces to find tracks. Once you’ve found your track, plaster a footprint that can be later analyzed and used as evidence. This project solves a challenge for the Tracker Skill.

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66 Tarp Shelters

A warm and comfortable shelter can be as simple as a rope and tarp, or lean-to built from logs and sticks. Place a tarp over the branches and leaves at the top so you are covered from the rain and any other weather obstacles. This project solves a Challenge for the Camper Skill.

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Campers seek the wilderness. Wherever they are, may be their home, for they’re at home in nature. But dangers abound for those who pack a home upon their back. Staying warm, dry, fed, and hydrated is the game. Preparation and bravery are of equal and utmost importance.

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