Squid Facts!

The size of the normal squids hover in around 50-60 cm. whereas the giant squid can reach up to 13 meters.  

They can swim faster than any other invertebrate.  

They have the largest eye in the animal kingdom.

The giant squid have the eyeballs the size of a basketball.  

Squid show sexual dimorphism.

A mature female is larger than the mature male squid.  They have a very large brain and they are considered to be very intelligent.  

They possess fins. But unlike any other marine animal, fins are not their primary   source of locomotion.

They swim backwards i.e, they swim tail first rather than head first.  Unlike other molluscs squid doesn’t have any outer shell covering to their body.

The hardest part of their body is the beak. The beak is made up of chitin and it is used to kill the prey.  

They are carnivorous i.e, they eat crusteceans, fish and smaller squids.  Due to their visual similarities, the squids are some times mistaken as the octopus.

Unlike Octopuses, squids have 10 arms(8 arms and 2 tentacles). Like the octopus they squart dark ink to distract the predators and escaping.  

Their skin is covered with chematophores. Due to this they can change the color as per their surroundings.(Read more)

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