Wind Engineer is a now a skill

Wind Engineers have changed the world, first with great sailing ships and now with renewable energy. By experimenting with fluid dynamics and aerodynamics, Wind Engineers have invented ways of harnessing a powerful force, through sails, kites, and turbines.

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Salvager is a now a skill

A Salvager has a trained eye to see value and purpose where others see trash. They know a wasted object can be reused or restored into something great. At thrift stores, garage sales, junkyards, beaches, or on the street, they seek the unappreciated treasures everywhere around us.

In designing this Skill, we tried to reflect the diversity of approaches to salvaging. One person will find a dumpster full of treasure and climb right in. For another, an antique shop is as crazy as they’ll ever get. We’ve heard that we have to consume a lot less. Now, how do we to integrate that practice into daily life in a natural way?


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He Got The Job!

Earlier this week we told you about 14 year old Zachary Bruggeman who had applied for an engineering internship at DIY. Well… he got it! Zach and I had our first product review today via Skype (thus the headset). He is going to be working on feature prototypes all over, and we can’t wait to share them with you soon. In the meantime we’ve added him to our Github organization (remixz) so you can track his progress.

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Papercrafter is a now a skill

Papercrafters can make any shape through elegant folds, cuts, and connections. Often the quickest way to make a low-cost prototype or model is to build it with paper or cardboard. Papercrafters have unique spatial instincts to create anything, from pop up books to paper airplanes.

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Bike Mechanic is now a skill!

Bicycles are all about converting human power into mechanical motion. The assembly, setup, and maintenance of bicycles draw on expertise from a wide range of disciplines including everything from understanding gear ratios to human anatomy and even kinetics.
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Stitcher is now a skill!

Stitchers are the masters of needle and thread. Much of our world is held together in this way. Ever since the Stone Age we’ve fastened together our flexible materials with stitches and seams. Books, shoes, clothing, puppets, sails, baseballs – where glue fails, a stitch holds strong.
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Zachary Bruggeman, 14 years old, is the youngest person to apply for a job at DIY. He lives in British Columbia, learned to program when he was 8 and now he wants to be our engineering intern so he can learn Node.js.

He made us a webpage with his pitch, hosted on Dropbox, and sent it over to us. Of course, when I asked if we should could share the link, he said he had to ask his parents first!

His second interview with us is later this week. ;)

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Cartographer is now a skill.

Cartographers make maps. Through imagery, they help us to understand places. They decide what features are important to a map – be they trails, forests, landmarks, or ice cream parlors. Anything that exists can be placed on a map, but a great Cartographer decides what isn’t shown, and what is.

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