Backyard Farmer is now a Skill!

Backyard Farmers can transform any space into an urban oasis. They speak the language of sunlight, water and soil. Where others lay concrete and lawns, Backyard Farmers partner with plants and animals to turn the land around their homes into a food producing paradise.

Thanks to Meagan Moore and Daren Rabinovitch for helping to build this skill!

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Prankster is now a Skill!

Pranksters aim to surprise and delight audiences with their clever, unusual tricks. While the victim of a practical joke may be uncomfortable at first, the best jokes are easily reversible and leave everyone laughing. Capture your funniest pranks on video so they can be shared!

Get started on preparing for your epic antics come April Fool’s Day. A few sample challenges:
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Club Maker is now a Skill.

Since the start of DIY tens of thousands of kids have joined and learned new skills. Lots of stop motion videos, duct tape and Minecraft.  The community began to buzz when we added social features. Our members now regularly share feedback with each other, and go bonkers whenever someone shares an epic project. While there’s lots of activity online, what’s exciting for us is that most DIY activity is happening offline. They’re building snow caves, directing music videos, and scrambling lots of eggs.

We get it, making is most fun when you’re making with friends. We want to see our members continue making together, to meet offline, and that’s why we’re launching DIY Clubs. A DIY Club can take many shapes - a punk band, robotics team, film crew, or just a group of friends - the possibilities are endless. To help get started we made the Club Maker skill.  It’s filled with all the necessary challenges to learn how to organize and lead a group. Club Makers build the teams that tackle epic goals. By combining the skills of many Makers, a Club can reach awesomeness! Parents, mentors, and educators can help by paving the way. Help them find a space to meet regularly, gather tools and materials to enable them, and just keep encouraging them to make.

As the Club Coordinator at DIY I get to support these real life Maker Clubs around the world. If you’re curious about how to get your DIY Club off the ground, or want to share stories about your own Maker Club, I’d love to hear from you.

- Megan

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Become a Yeti

A large, hairy creature resembling a human or bear, said to live in the snowy mountains everywhere. Handy in the powder, they are rumored to dwell in a network of snow caves, built by pick axes and primitive shovels. Their sled tracks connect each cave, and they live well where others shiver.

Pursue this skill if you’re interested in winter survival.

A few sample challenges:

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Astronomer is now a Skill.

Astronomers investigate everything between Earth and the farthest reaches of the Universe. If instruments can collect it, Astronomers will analyze it. While professionals use expensive cutting-edge technology, this is still a field where amateurs with simple tools discover new things all the time.

Thanks to Meagan Moore for collaborating on this Skill!