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If you haven’t already heard, Minecraft is kind of a big deal. It’s an awesome 3D sandbox game where almost every element can be chopped down, mined, or dug up - and you can use the resulting materials to build whatever you want. Check out some of these awesome Minecraft Pixel Art creations from DIYers on the site and happy building!

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Pixel Beads by Danny Yama

Make an awesome beaded pattern that lays flat. To solve this challenge you can also cover a 3d sculpture in a beautiful beaded pattern. You can even construct 3d shapes by assembling flat layers together. How-to’s here.

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Saxon Pixel Art on DIY’s server" by Stalk Jimbo on DIY.

From the maker: 

Hi everyone, i’m actually working on making each diy’s staff in pixel art! If you wanna help me there’s no problem but be sure to warn me before, my minecraft username is popojino! I have actually done Saxon and i’m working on Remixz! I based my pixel art on the drawing that Rabinovitch have made, you can find it at”

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