The Yoshimoto Cube

The polyhedral mechanical puzzle toy that transforms into two stellated rhombic dodecahedrons from a cube.

Made by C Bits on DIY.

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Bright beads are a staple of jewelry. Make your own by rolling up scraps of paper to create some colorful designs inspired by DIYer Summer Skies.

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Nintendo’s Game Boy turned 25 years old yesterday! Tommy Perez made a paper handheld to celebrate the occasion.

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Crafting Cartonería

I get it, teachers are short on time. So I’m working on resources that cut to the chase. I whipped up this gif on how to make sculptures with a shoestring budget, inspired by the Mexican handcraft Cartonería.

It’s all there in the gif, but if you’re the type that likes the details, you can see more here.

Papier-mâché projects often get a bad rap for being the stuff of kindergarten craft time, but the process of paper-crafting is rich with history. Cartonería, as papier-mâché is called in Mexico, has long been a traditional handcraft. The Mexican papermaking process dates back to the Mesoamerican period, was temporarily banned by the Spanish, and paper sculptures are still made to this day to tell the story of yearly celebrations.

What else?
Making Cartonería has the obvious connection to history and social studies. Cartonería also serves as an excellent project to talk about life sciences and geometry. More on curriculum connectors here.

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Challenge of the Day: Make a Scale Model

Some ideas in movies are just too big and expensive to make normal size. That’s when artists are employed to make a miniature version of scenes – on camera they look full size! The challenge is to very carefully shrink things down to 1/2, 1/10 or even 1/100 scale.

Images: Paper Japanese City

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