Pioneer is now a Skill! 

When you’re ready to stop getting everything in a bag from the store, you’re a Pioneer. We’re the brave and crazy ones with the skills to provide for ourselves, to make new places, to build our own world.

Thanks to Paul Long for building out this Skill.

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Sys Admin is now a Skill!

Sys Admins keep servers and networks protected and running in tip top shape. They rock the command line and write scripts to automate all kinds of common tasks. Like the Wizard of Oz, they’re often behind the scenes but indispensable to an organization.

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Sailor is now a Skill!

Sailors use nothing but wind and their vessel to travel by water for sport and adventure. They must be self-reliant, quick with knots, and observant of the nature that surrounds them, as it often their only companion on long voyages.

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Athlete is now a Skill!

Athletes explore the potential of the human body to be strong, fast, and enduring. Athletes work hard to develop these new powers through training, play, and adventure. While physical ability is the aim, the great Athletes are those who unlock an inner strength.

Thanks to Paul Long for building out this Skill.

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Puppeteer is now a Skill.

Puppeteers can transform a sock to a hero, or a shadow to a dragon. They craft memorable characters that come to life through the power of illusion. Like the magicians of theatre, Puppeteers charm us with subtle tricks and clever technique.

Thanks to Jonathan Kleiman and Daren Rabinovitch for building this Skill!

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Interior Designer is now a Skill.

Interior Designers imagine and create spaces that perfectly suit the people who use them. They use their considerable skills to organize, inspire, and welcome. Each room becomes a laboratory, each wall a canvas for the art and science of making a house a home.

Thanks to Megan Moore for building out this skill!

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Block Builder is now a Skill.

Minecraft, Legos, wood, or voxels – a Block Builder can make anything with these simple, modular parts. Blocks are a tool of the imagination, giving us simple limits that invite ingenious inventions. If you can think it, then you can build it with blocks.

Thanks to Paul Long for building out this Skill!

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Backend Dev is now a Skill.

These developers write scripts that interact with servers - the less visible “backend” of websites. They’re masters of fast responses and requests. Backend Devs program the information sharing between servers and the apps and websites we use everyday.

Thanks to Jessica Lord for building this Skill!

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Backyard Farmer is now a Skill!

Backyard Farmers can transform any space into an urban oasis. They speak the language of sunlight, water and soil. Where others lay concrete and lawns, Backyard Farmers partner with plants and animals to turn the land around their homes into a food producing paradise.

Thanks to Meagan Moore and Daren Rabinovitch for helping to build this skill!

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