Pioneer is now a Skill! 

When you’re ready to stop getting everything in a bag from the store, you’re a Pioneer. We’re the brave and crazy ones with the skills to provide for ourselves, to make new places, to build our own world.

Thanks to Paul Long for building out this Skill.

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Sys Admin is now a Skill!

Sys Admins keep servers and networks protected and running in tip top shape. They rock the command line and write scripts to automate all kinds of common tasks. Like the Wizard of Oz, they’re often behind the scenes but indispensable to an organization.

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Sailor is now a Skill!

Sailors use nothing but wind and their vessel to travel by water for sport and adventure. They must be self-reliant, quick with knots, and observant of the nature that surrounds them, as it often their only companion on long voyages.

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