Pitch Perfect: The Cup Song

The Cup Song bursted onto the scenes after being featured in popular Youtube videos and in the 2012 movie, Pitch Perfect. Originally an old-timey country ballad, it’s now a popular video meme amongst some of the best Musicians on the site! From group covers to creative renditions, this routine takes a fair amount of practice to master. Click here for some of our favorite remakes on DIY.

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This guy can’t play the drums or the piano and it’s still one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen - just one more thing you can do with the new DIY App.

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Become a Dancer!

Dancers are artists of movement, and the body is their single tool. Animals use the power of dance to impress a mate or scare off a predator. This instinct is used by the great Dancers to tell stories, share feelings, and communicate in ways that language can’t.

A few sample challenges: 

Full video: Passage: Carla Körbes, Portrait of a Ballerina

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