How To Have a Minecraft Themed Halloween!

1. Create an epic base:

2. Become a Creeper:

3. Embrace the Enderman:

4. Create a Minecraft Treat:

5. Channel your inner Steve:

6. Mine in Real Life:

7. Creep out a Pumpkin:

Happy making!

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Minecraft Far Lands or Bust - Do it Yourself

Youtuber kurtjmac has been walking to the edge of the Minecraft world in his popular Minecraft Youtube series, “Far Lands or Bust” since 2011. He’s raised over $118,000 for Child’s Play Charity and we’re excited to have been featured in his latest Youtube video

Check out more about his fundraiser goal here!

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Chemists examine how atoms attach, break apart, and reconnect to create different molecules. We try to understand the chemical structures of all the things in our world. With our powers, we can create both really helpful and really horrible things. Get started on any of these 13 challenges and become a Chemist:

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