Kids in Cameroon Create Fascinating Toys Out of Scrap

In Cameroon, a popular toy crafted by kids is a ‘remote controlled’ car or ATV. These are often built from discarded flip-flops (slippers), sardine tins, bamboo or raffia palm, electrical conduit (pipe), rubber and bits of string. These kids are ingenious and create the most fascinating toys from the simplest of materials and tools. 

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Chemist is now a Skill.

Chemists want to understand how and why the materials around us behave. They examine how atoms attach, break apart, and reconnect to create different molecules. Then they use their knowledge to create everything from cleaners to medicines to explosions!

Thanks to Meagan Moore for building this Skill!

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Camper is now a skill

Campers seek the wilderness. Wherever they may be, may be their home, for they are at home in nature. But dangers abound for those who pack a home upon their back. Staying warm, dry, fed, and hydrated is the game. Preparation and bravery are of equal and utmost importance.

Thanks to Paul Long for collaborating on this Skill!

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Sculptor is now a skill

Sculptors bring art into 3d space, building physical works that inspire as they stand before us. Since ancient times, we’ve sculpted our heroes, villains, and mysteries – building first in stone, wood, clay – now with all things imaginable. Sculptors make beauty and strength that stands on its own.

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Geologist is now a skill

High on a cliff or deep in a cave, Geologists hunt for secrets locked in the Earth’s crust. Rocks and minerals provide clues to Earth’s mysterious past and potential future. Whether it’s cracking open a geode or analyzing ancient climate changes, a Geologist finds the incredible in the ordinary.

Thanks to Meagan Moore for building out this Skill!

Transport Engineer is now a skill

Civilization depends on the free movement of people and goods, and Transport Engineers make it happen. They design our roads, railways, and vehicles. They work to build systems that are safe, efficient, durable, convenient, beautiful – and fun!

Thanks to Paul Long for building out this Skill!

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Photographer is now a skill

A Photographer captures a window into time and space that can be forever preserved. Their camera can be high-tech or just a cardboard box with a hole in the side. Great Photographers use perspective, focus, depth-of-field, exposure, and shutter speed to “draw with light” and achieve a vision.

Hardware Hacker is now a skill

Hardware Hackers modify and create new types of electronic hardware. Whether connecting a stuffed animal to the internet or making a garden tweet, Hardware Hackers are always looking for new ways to improve the world around them using electronics and microcontrollers.

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Wind Engineer is a now a skill

Wind Engineers have changed the world, first with great sailing ships and now with renewable energy. By experimenting with fluid dynamics and aerodynamics, Wind Engineers have invented ways of harnessing a powerful force, through sails, kites, and turbines.

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