#Halloween2013 Contest Winners Revealed!

Thanks to everyone for participating in this year’s Halloween Contest.  We received a ton of awesome submissions and are excited to announce this year’s winners in the following categories (drum roll please):

Congratulations to everyone for making this year’s contest the best on yet.  Until next year DIYers :)

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How To Have a Minecraft Themed Halloween!

1. Create an epic base: https://diy.org/epicsquidx/003sjl

2. Become a Creeper: https://diy.org/chillychew/003bpy

3. Embrace the Enderman: https://diy.org/jammypanda/003t8m

4. Create a Minecraft Treat: https://diy.org/nosesoen/000d5t

5. Channel your inner Steve: https://diy.org/ogel/00372g

6. Mine in Real Life: https://diy.org/msmustache/001p2z

7. Creep out a Pumpkin: https://diy.org/ogel/003oy2

Happy making!

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Our Halloween Workshop was lots of fun; We enticed Trick-or-Treaters with our open flame and s’mores supplies. Plus, a bunch of the kids stayed with their parents to learn how to make their own headlamps.

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Getting ready for our Halloween Workshop! Each of us at DIY HQ made masks to wear tonight.

If you’re in SF, come by. We’re going to have an open flame for making s’mores, and everything you need to make your own headlamp.

Details here.

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