Going Outside: The Biggest Game of Tic-Tac-Toe

In this episode, Charlie teaches us how we can take a lousy topic like mowing a lawn, and turn it into a spectacular art form. Don’t have a lawn mower? A board, some string, and a hose will get the job done too! We also get to see Charlie and his friends play probably the biggest game of tic-tac-toe ever. It’s enormous. 

Get the Landscaper Skill at DIY!

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Minecrafter is now a skill.

DIY’s guiding principle is that all creative skills are important and our mission is to help people discover the ones that make them passionate. 

Many people working in tech today got their start building with LEGO and SimCity. At the time they were toys, though in hindsight they were essential experience to develop the creative confidence that’s so valuable now. Likewise we’ve been riveted by Minecraft since its transition from an indie game into a creative tool beloved by people of all ages. We believe Minecraft is as transformative for this generation as Photoshop was for ours.

It certainly seems that way already! Since we launched DIY last year Minecraft projects have outnumbered projects of any other kind. Many many thousands of Minecraft projects. At first look these creations seem like nothing more than game screenshots, but after you’ve wandered deep into them it becomes clear that Minecraft is a not a game, it’s a canvas.

We partnered with Mojang to create the Minecrafter skill to help recognize Minecraft’s potential as a creative tool.

If you’re a n00b these 16 challenges will guide you to learning Minecraft. If you’re already an expert, complete this skill to show what you’re capable of making and inspire millions with your ingenious Minecrafting.

The patch is available in the DIY Market.

PS. Shout outs to Zach Bruggeman for helping to author the skill, Isaiah Saxon for illustrating the patch, and everyone at Mojang for being awesome.

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