News from the DIY HQ: Caption/Background Contest - FORK IT!

So we introduced the idea of “forking” a while back and it’s become a sort of social currency on the site.  By forking a project, a DIYer is paying the ultimate compliment to a fellow user by making iterations to their project and remaking it into something that they can call their own.

We’re constantly planting seeds in the community and trying to promote this type of behavior so that forking becomes a common form of interaction on the site.  Forking is not purely social, it also inspires kids to get creative and make something that they might never have thought to try. Lately, we’ve been playing around with our green screen and created our first #capcon contest, encouraging makers to have some fun with photoshop. Hilarious submissions are rolling and we’re amazed at how our growing community is responding, click here to check out some of the awesome projects.

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Minecrafter is now a skill.

DIY’s guiding principle is that all creative skills are important and our mission is to help people discover the ones that make them passionate. 

Many people working in tech today got their start building with LEGO and SimCity. At the time they were toys, though in hindsight they were essential experience to develop the creative confidence that’s so valuable now. Likewise we’ve been riveted by Minecraft since its transition from an indie game into a creative tool beloved by people of all ages. We believe Minecraft is as transformative for this generation as Photoshop was for ours.

It certainly seems that way already! Since we launched DIY last year Minecraft projects have outnumbered projects of any other kind. Many many thousands of Minecraft projects. At first look these creations seem like nothing more than game screenshots, but after you’ve wandered deep into them it becomes clear that Minecraft is a not a game, it’s a canvas.

We partnered with Mojang to create the Minecrafter skill to help recognize Minecraft’s potential as a creative tool.

If you’re a n00b these 16 challenges will guide you to learning Minecraft. If you’re already an expert, complete this skill to show what you’re capable of making and inspire millions with your ingenious Minecrafting.

The patch is available in the DIY Market.

PS. Shout outs to Zach Bruggeman for helping to author the skill, Isaiah Saxon for illustrating the patch, and everyone at Mojang for being awesome.

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  • Touch-to-capture videos in a new fun way
  • Record videos with both front facing and back facing cameras
  • New vertical user interface
  • Watch and favorite your friends videos from the app
  • DIYTV, the a place for our favorite short videos
  • Browse and view skill challenges fast and easily
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Asperatus Clouds

Meteorologists seek to understand weather, but they do more than deliver the forecast. They collect data from all around to study the forces at work in the Earth’s atmosphere. They tirelessly track temperature, pressure, moisture, and movement, on a quest to predict the unpredictable.

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Challenge of the Day: Model a River!

Geologists often use scale models to understand the behavior of physical things. Create a table top experiment that demonstrates a geological event taking place using a simple white plastic deep paint tray liner, regular play sand, and water. Position the pouring of the water entering the tray and create sandbars and channels for your model river.  This project solves a Challenge for the Geologist Skill.

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Challenge of the Day: Make a Hydraulic Hand

A Hydraulic Device uses fluid to do work. Fluid is pushed from one tube to another, moving a platform a certain distance. The work done by a hydraulic device is dependent on the diameter of the tubes as well as the distance the fluid is moved. Create your own hydraulic hand using some standard syringes and become a Mechanical Engineer Skill.

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