DIYer Ogel recreated the banner for the DIY: Animated Series completely out of duct tape. For more updates on the series, check out Isaiah Saxon’s blog.

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DIY member Ogel recreated the DIY TV banner entirely out of duct tape!

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A DIYer who goes by the named of Ogel (“Lego” spelled backwards) recreated the original “splash page” illustration we did when we first launched DIY…entirely out of duct tape. When asked how long it took him to create this scene, he responds: ”This took me about 25 hours over the course of 3 weeks.  Thanks everyone!”

Thank you, Ogel - we’re honored!

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Get Skills at LA Makerspace

Get Skills at LA Makerspace this Sunday, July 21. The Los Hackers DIY Club will be working with duct tape to make wallets, bags, and accessories. Complete all three challenges, and you can get the embroidered Tape Ninja patch. That’s right, I’ll be there with physical patches for DIY members to stitch on, and be proud.

This Tape Ninja meet-up is free to the public, but make sure you RSVP here.

See you there!

- Megan

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Special Effects Wizard Challenge: Make a Duct Tape Batman Mask

The costume makes the hero, the villain, the monster, or the magician and tells everything about a character in one glance. Your character is a canvas ready to be painted – now fill your costume full of carefully crafted details. Duct tape is a great household material that you can use to create your own masks and costumes.  Start by laying down strips of duct tape on a cutting mat and molding it into your desired shape!

Image source: Instructables

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