Going Outside: The Biggest Game of Tic-Tac-Toe

In this episode, Charlie teaches us how we can take a lousy topic like mowing a lawn, and turn it into a spectacular art form. Don’t have a lawn mower? A board, some string, and a hose will get the job done too! We also get to see Charlie and his friends play probably the biggest game of tic-tac-toe ever. It’s enormous. 

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Going Outside: The Good News News Network! 

Charlie’s heading outside again to do some more awesome stuff! In this episode Charlie and his roommate, Erik, realize they both have some pretty good news to share. They wonder if anyone else has some good news, a thought that spawns the idea for… The Good News News Network! Broadcasting “live” from their outdoor studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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New DIY TV: Quintet

A musical multiplicity.

Directed, Shot and Edited by Samuel Aaron Bennett

Sound Design by Brian Crimmins

Produced by Katie Osca and Tymon Brown 

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