Ogel’s Patch Display, $10

These awesome laser-cut cardboard displays can be tiled on your wall to show all the patches you earn. One special touch, a precut hole makes it easy to hang on a nail or tack.

Special Trivia!  These were invented and produced by DIY member Ogel.

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A Man Takes A Single Rake to The Beach. And When You Zoom Out And See It… Mind BLOWN.

If you live in San Francisco, California, then you may be lucky enough to come across the art of Andres Amador. He doesn’t paint or sculpt. He prefers a medium that is temporary but absolutely beautiful: a sandy beach at low tide. He uses a rake to create works of art that can be bigger than 100,000 sq. ft.

He spends hours creating these intricate masterpieces, knowing that the tide will soon come in and wash away his work forever. More here.

Source: ViralNova

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Henry is a rad human.

Henry Miller is a 12-year-old kid that forges knives, carves boats, makes bows and arrows, and tans hides. He’s on DIY as Big Smith, check out this projects here.

Film by Andrew Plotsky

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Paint Making

Our quest for color began with an innate desire to communicate. Prehistoric people were resourceful with natural earth pigments (like red and yellow ochre, hematite, manganese oxide and charcoal), and used them to illustrate beautiful stories. Today paints are mass-produced, but the art of paint making is one some artists can’t resist doing themselves. Pigment is combined with a binder of oil or water as a base, packaged in a tube and voilà – paint! Each color has a story to tell, so be sure to choose your pigments wisely. 

What else?
Pick a color and explore its origin. There’s so much to learn from natural pigments. You can examine their chemical composition or research their historical impact. More curriculum connectors can be found here

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