Sending off a shipment of 150 patches to a DIY Club in Orange County, CA. Check out the latest from the OC DIY Club by visiting their portfolio.

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Wheatpaste is a durable and biodegradable binder, making it an excellent medium for art outdoors. The blend of four parts boiling water to one part flour makes wheatpaste an economical resource too – you can make up to a gallon without going over $1. Use your paste to post messages in your community, create collage from old books, or simply print out some photos and paste them up.

What else?
Wheatpaste is simply the binder to connect your story. Use collage to construct your own narrative, and share that story with your community. More curriculum connectors can be found here.

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Bright beads are a staple of jewelry. Make your own by rolling up scraps of paper to create some colorful designs inspired by DIYer Summer Skies.

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