Looking for a fun outdoor project? Take a cue from Swam Rust and calculate a tree’s age.

What does this project explore? You can learn about a tree’s growth and history by observing its rings. Scientists have been able to use the information from the sizes and spacing of tree rings to identify climate change. These studies can also identify trees that are suffering from the early stages of pollution effects or can identify an area that is not getting enough irrigation. Past climate conditions can be discovered and future climate patterns can be predicted from the study of tree rings.

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Going Outside: The Biggest Game of Tic-Tac-Toe

In this episode, Charlie teaches us how we can take a lousy topic like mowing a lawn, and turn it into a spectacular art form. Don’t have a lawn mower? A board, some string, and a hose will get the job done too! We also get to see Charlie and his friends play probably the biggest game of tic-tac-toe ever. It’s enormous. 

Get the Landscaper Skill at DIY!

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DIY has done so much for me, It has reintroduced to me being myself and not like, just trying to do things that my friends like so they think i’m cooler. I’ve turned into a pretty awesome summerologist, a minecrafter, a gamer, a lego builder, paper airplane builder, a chatterbox, a typer, a rat lover, a daredevil, a scaredycat, a fairy house maker, an interior designer, a fashion designer, an exterior designer, an architect, a builder, and most of all, a maker.
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DIY member, Hawkboss, forged a tool steel knife out of an old file and created an awesome leather case for his finished project.

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