5 Introductory Tools to Programming

Have you been toying with the idea of learning how to program but don’t know how to get started?  Check out these introductory tools to help you begin to think like a programmer.  Figure out how a computer works, instruct computers to performs tasks, create your first game, and more. 

ScratchOne of the easiest ways to get started with programming is to remix someone else’s already existing program. Remix a project using this free programming language called Scratch. You can build games, animations, music videos, and more.

Minecraft: Use blocks to build just about anything you can imagine in a virtual world. Discover engineering concepts, architecture, mathematics, as well as critical thinking skills and teamwork.

Develop a Game: Get started on building out the code, artwork, and music for a video game. These tools will help you build an interactive experience.

Remix a Website: Never seen the insides of a website? Use Hackasaurus to hack your favorite website to have it look and do whatever you want.

Run a Node.js Server: With Node.js, you can mimic the back and forth request/response your browser sends to servers when you visit a website. Set up your first development environment.

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Happy April Fool’s Day!

We challenge you to plan out the most epic prank this April Fool’s. If you’re running low on ideas, check out the Prankster Skill for more projects like this head in a jar illusion. Using a photo editor, blend two images together to create a flat image of a head, laminate it, and submerge it in a jar.  When the flattened image is inserted into the curved jar, the water distorts it - giving it the illusion of a decapitated head in a jar of preserving fluid.

Have fun!

Image Source: Instructables


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The DIY Team spent this past weekend at the Berkeley Art Museum hacking sounds using MaKey MaKeys and Quartz Composer. Kids used construction paper and tin foil to create their own one of a kind musical pad/keyboard and one kid even managed to create a track using his face. Make your own weird sounds and become a Hardware Hacker.

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