DIY 2.2 for iOS!

Check out the new features we added in DIY 2.2! 

- Search. Find inspiration, discover friends, surf DIY trending topics, and seek out the projects you love.  

- Stream. Easily see what’s new and awesome from the people you follow.  

- Messages. View and track all your activity in one place!

- Avatars. Pick from one of our new collection of avatars.  

Download the latest version of the App here and happy making!  

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Introducing New DIY Avatars!

Saxon and Rabinovitch have created a whole new set of avatars for all you DIYers!

We liked the animals we drew before, but the time came to expand and create a new set of avatars that reflected our diverse and growing community! But, if you really like your current animal, and you are an existing member, you are granted special access to the original Animal Avatars, just check your settings.

Special shout-out to Stalk Jimbo who designed the minecraft moose.

EASTER EGG: one of these is in 3D (with anaglyph glasses). Can you tell which one and where it’s from? 

Happy making!

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Now you can Fork a project!

What is forking? Forking is the ultimate way to show how much you like someone’s project – by remaking it yourself!

Every time a project is forked, it becomes a little different. Someone else can fork your fork, and so on, FOR-EV-ER!

We think awesome surprises can evolve from simple ideas.

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Young Scientists and Innovators Amaze President Obama at the White House Science Fair

Today, President Obama celebrated the remarkable achievements of student science fair winners and extraordinary kid innovators from across the nation in the third White House Science Fair. The Fair brought 100 students from more than 40 states to an all-day, hands-on celebration of the power and potential of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education.

President Obama thanked parents, teachers, and mentors in the audience for their continuing roles in supporting students’ spirits of curiosity, creativity, and imagination. And, after repeatedly marveling at some of the amazing innovations represented at this year’s Science Fair (including a pancreatic cancer screening tool that is cheaper and more accurate than any on the market) — the President spoke to the students directly, saying simply, “we could not be prouder of all of you.”

We’re so happy that DIY co-founder, Andrew Sliwinksi was invited to take part in today’s celebrations.

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Puppeteer is now a Skill.

Puppeteers can transform a sock to a hero, or a shadow to a dragon. They craft memorable characters that come to life through the power of illusion. Like the magicians of theatre, Puppeteers charm us with subtle tricks and clever technique.

Thanks to Jonathan Kleiman and Daren Rabinovitch for building this Skill!

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Backend Dev is now a Skill.

These developers write scripts that interact with servers - the less visible “backend” of websites. They’re masters of fast responses and requests. Backend Devs program the information sharing between servers and the apps and websites we use everyday.

Thanks to Jessica Lord for building this Skill!

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Backyard Farmer is now a Skill!

Backyard Farmers can transform any space into an urban oasis. They speak the language of sunlight, water and soil. Where others lay concrete and lawns, Backyard Farmers partner with plants and animals to turn the land around their homes into a food producing paradise.

Thanks to Meagan Moore and Daren Rabinovitch for helping to build this skill!

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Start a DIY Club!

A DIY Club is a group that works together to practice skills, do creative projects and take epic adventures together. The kinds of DIY Clubs are infinite – it could be a punk band, robotics club, newspaper staff, film crew or just a bunch of friends hacking on random projects.

Thanks to Daren for making this video and check out our new DIY Club Guide for more info. Happy making!

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