Saxon Pixel Art on DIY’s server" by Stalk Jimbo on DIY.

From the maker: 

Hi everyone, i’m actually working on making each diy’s staff in pixel art! If you wanna help me there’s no problem but be sure to warn me before, my minecraft username is popojino! I have actually done Saxon and i’m working on Remixz! I based my pixel art on the drawing that Rabinovitch have made, you can find it at”

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The Evolution of the Superman Logo

Logos and symbols are powerful tools that help convey your message across to others. Create a logo for your DIY Club and let the world know what your club is all about. Sketch out ideas, and then turn those sketches into a final logo that you can use to represent your DIY Club wherever you go.

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Landscaper Challenge: Build a Vertical Garden

Vertical Gardens are great when space is limited. Some are attached directly to a wall or building, while others are free standing. Whatever type of vertical garden you decide to make, try and use as many recycled materials as you can, such as pallets and bottles like this design from the Brazilian design studio, Rosenbaum.

It’s also worth noting that this urban farm is part of a project to improve the lives of three women (a mother and two daughters) that live in a one bedroom home with an income of 200 Reais (130 US Dollars) a month. Landscapers design not only for aesthetic purposes, but they also strive to improve the quality of people’s lives through the use of space. 

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Industrial Designer Challenge: Make a Green Design

A big part of an industrial designer’s job is making a product sustainable. Where do your materials come from and where they will end up after the product’s life is over? Create a transport vehicle that is more energy efficient and build it using green and recycled materials, inspired by this bottle boat from the Rain Tree Lodge. 

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Detailed Floor Plan Drawings of Popular TV and Film Homes

If you’ve ever wondered what the layout of your favorite fictional character’s apartment looked like, interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde may have hand drawn exactly what you’re looking for. The Spain-based artist, who also goes by nikneuk, has colorfully illustrated a number of aerial diagrams mapping out the layout of popular TV and film homes for his Floorplans series. A great inspiration for mapping your land and becoming a Cartographer.

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Special Effects Wizard Challenge: Make a Duct Tape Batman Mask

The costume makes the hero, the villain, the monster, or the magician and tells everything about a character in one glance. Your character is a canvas ready to be painted – now fill your costume full of carefully crafted details. Duct tape is a great household material that you can use to create your own masks and costumes.  Start by laying down strips of duct tape on a cutting mat and molding it into your desired shape!

Image source: Instructables

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