Become a Dancer!

Dancers are artists of movement, and the body is their single tool. Animals use the power of dance to impress a mate or scare off a predator. This instinct is used by the great Dancers to tell stories, share feelings, and communicate in ways that language can’t.

A few sample challenges: 

Full video: Passage: Carla Körbes, Portrait of a Ballerina

Source: allbitsandpieces

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Challenge of the Day: Improvise A Dance

Everyone is secretly an amazing dancer. The best dancing happens when you don’t care what people will think. Experiment with different shapes the body can create and come up with your own dance moves inspired by this awesome video with the World of Dance group, “Future Funk” – Bailrok & Baby Boogaloo including brothers Bboy Jalen and Little Desmond. This project solves a challenge for the Dancer Skill

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