Prankster Challenge:  Pull a Tape Prank!

Getting from one place to another is a simple and important part of everyone’s day. So what do you do when you find your classroom covered in cups of water, or unexpectedly walk into a wall of clear tape? Look around for a mischievous Prankster, or course! Pull of your own tape prank inspired by this hilarious clip of an office prank done to a fellow co-worker. The result of the perfectly startling prank? A hilarious video to watch again and again.

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Prankster is now a Skill!

Pranksters aim to surprise and delight audiences with their clever, unusual tricks. While the victim of a practical joke may be uncomfortable at first, the best jokes are easily reversible and leave everyone laughing. Capture your funniest pranks on video so they can be shared!

Get started on preparing for your epic antics come April Fool’s Day. A few sample challenges:
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