Architect is now a skill!

Architects design buildings and structures. We try to design around people and their needs, but we need to know about the materials too. Our buildings must stand against the forces of nature, so we’re very meticulous. Get started on any of these 13 challenges and design beautiful and functional structures.

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Challenge of the Day: Make a Scale Model

Some ideas in movies are just too big and expensive to make normal size. That’s when artists are employed to make a miniature version of scenes – on camera they look full size! The challenge is to very carefully shrink things down to 1/2, 1/10 or even 1/100 scale.

Images: Paper Japanese City

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Giving Madrid A Makeover, With Op-Art Christmas Lights

How has your city prepared for the holidays? By throwing up a few thinning acrylic wreaths? By slapping on a few dreidel decals? Well, that’s not how they roll in Madrid. Each year, the city spends millions on decorations, which range from a 300-square-foot nativity scene to dozens of light shows commissioned by artists and designers who work in the city. This year, architect Teresa Sapey gives Madrid a mod makeover with hundreds of LED-lit Circles.

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