Paperman - A Fully Animated Short Film from Disney Animation Studios

Introducing a groundbreaking technique that seamlessly merges computer-generated and hand-drawn animation techniques, first-time director John Kahrs takes the art of animation in a bold new direction with the Oscar®-nominated short, “Paperman.” Created by a small, innovative team working at Walt Disney Animation Studios, “Paperman” pushes the animation medium in an exciting new direction.

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Build. Make. Hack. Grow.

Today we’re releasing the DIY Anthem video. We made it ourselves at our HQ in San Francisco.

This is our heroic vision for the power of practical skills. It’s also the reality on DIY today. Using our app and site, thousands of young Makers build, hack, and share. They do challenges, and earn Skill Patches. They inspire each other to level up.

Directed by Daren Rabinovitch and Isaiah Saxon, two of DIY’s co-founders. Music by Little Wings and Jeremy Harris. Extreme thanks to VFX Supervisor David Chontos and Lead Animator Lucas Ridley. They made this possible.

We hope you love it.

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