DIY Club Spotlight

Susie, a teacher at an International School based in Indonesia started using DIY in April of last year to plan after-school activities and field trips. Since then, she has used the app as part of her core curriculum - incorporating challenges and projects in her class of 5th and 6th grade students. For more updates on what this club is up to, be sure to check out their portfolio.

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George makes some of the finest handmade work boots in the world - all by himself in his shop in Oregon. As he grows older, he’s been looking for a young apprentice to pass the shop onto.

Get the Shoemaker Skill at DIY!

Film by Andrew Plotsky

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Growing Crystals" by Maker MangoBango on DIY.

Crystal formations are everywhere! Sugar, salt, ice, diamonds – some take thousands of years to grow, others only seconds. Use evaporation to create intricate crystals in just a few days. This project solves a challenge for the Geologist Skill.

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Bio-Observer" by Maker horseboy on DIY.

A description of the project from the Maker: 

bottles reused for caterpillars. theywill make cocoons to live through winter. in spring i will put them outside and i hope they will still be there and become butterflies. the bottles are cut in two and the top is put upside down in the bottom. there is earth in the bottom and the leaves of the plant that these caterpillars eat. i have three bottles, they are 3 different butterflies so 3 different kinds of plants. my mum helped me look up the kinds of caterpillars on a special website and i looked on wikipedia to find out more about the host plants.

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