LEGO Robot Breaks Rubik’s Cube World Record, Looks Badass Doing It

This fancy machine just broke the world record for solving a Rubik’s cube. While pathetic humans can take minutes to get the job done, the CUBESTORMER 3 takes just 3.25 seconds.P

What I like about the CUBESTORMER 3 isn’t just the name (you’d say it in ALL CAPS in your mind even if it wasn’t already in ALL CAPS). It’s the look. Most functional robots tend to look spindly, valuing practicality over appearance. The CUBESTORMER 3 instead looks like something that would roll off the production line at Skynet. (Read more here plus a video!)

via kotaku

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LEGO® Master patch now available!

We’re super proud to announce that we collaborated with the LEGO Group to produce the official LEGO® Master skill and patch.

Everyone knows that LEGO® bricks are more than just toys. The DIY community is teeming with brick artists and prototypers who horde LEGO collections to be raw material for their inventions, stop motion animations, and urban planning.

We hope the LEGO® Master skill brings this community together to spur even more surprising brick artistry. Who will be the first to support a 20 pound load with a LEGO® bridge? How uncomfortable will the first LEGO® Iron Man suit be to wear? These and other questions will be answered by LEGO® Masters in the coming months and years!

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Alternate Universe - The LEGO® Movie - Official Main Trailer [HD]

LEGO’s first feature film looks amazing and is absolutely hilarious.  That double decker couch!

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