An Iron Man Like 3d Hologram Controlled by Leap Motion and Three.js

The Leap Motion is a very cool piece of technology.  It’s a small $80 box that you can put on your desk to control an ordinary computer using hand motions.  It’s extremely accurate, allowing for very fine motor control using all of your fingers. This amazing video demo shows a Leap Motion controlling a Three.js rendered 3d hologram of the earth.  It is projected on a 4-sided prism, and while it’s not quite as good as what Tony Stark has in Iron Man, it’s still pretty darn cool.  And it’s controlled by JavaScript!  

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Rapid Prototyper Challenge: Design an Object with CAD

Computer-aided design (CAD) means using computer software to make objects for the real world. If you want to make anything with a machine, you must first draft your design in 3d. For this challenge, design your own toy or sculpture or part using CAD. Tinkercad is a free online software that’s easy to use.  Create your own 3D models and submit a screenshot of your design. This project solves a challenge for the Rapid Prototyper Skill

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A 3D print service turns children’s drawings into sculptures

If sticking drawings to a fridge won’t do, parents of pint-sized Picassos can put their child’s art on a pedestal by having it 3D printed through a new service called CrayonCreatures The service is the invention of Bernat Cuni, a Spanish designer working in Barcelona with a focus on emerging 3D printing applications. “The idea came one morning when my daughter asked me to make one of her drawings as a toy with my DIY 3D printer, and I did it,” says Cuni. “She was totally satisfied with a monochrome plastic version of her drawing, but I wasn’t. I felt that something was lost in the translation from drawing to thing. That was the colour, the scratches of crayon that make a child’s drawing so unique and expressiveness were lost. His goal is to capture objects in real world through digital means, apply filters to the CAD model, and return it to the world in a process he dubs “The Instagram of Things.”

A great inspiration for designing your own objects in CAD and becoming a Rapid Prototyper

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