DIY’s Internship Program

We’ve had tons of requests from members in the community who express an interest in working for DIY. They want access to our API, a chance to approve projects, develop a features, give advice to other DIY members and to generally, help moderate our growing community. Everyone who applied has had a different set of skills, passions, and interests so when summer rolled around, we created a skill designed specifically to bring on a DIY member as an intern to our team. Hundreds of how-tos, new products for the DIY market, and DIY jingles were submitted amongst other projects that showcased each member’s skills. What had started as a single internship program soon turned into a sort of mentorship program.

As a result, eight DIY members have been chosen and paired with a member on the DIY staff. The goal to work together with these members for the next month to produce something that they can put on their future resumes.

We’re excited to start working with our 8 interns - check back for daily updates!

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