Stories from DIYers

We’ve been doing some research over at the DIY HQ, asking DIYers “What has DIY done for you?” The responses have been extremely insightful and we’re thrilled to see how our community has grown over this past year. Check out these wonderful stories on how users are discovering their passions and exploring new topics through the site.

"DIY is the best thing ever created. I’ve met friends, and made awesome projects. It gives me things to during the summer and weekends, and I make things I’ve never thought of before. In a summary, DIY is awesome." - Mustache Gal

"I am able to express myself in a way that I used to be too shy to do in person, and it’s a badge of honor to do these things. " - Evil Ladybug

"I’ve always loved being creative and making things and DIY as allowed me to take it a step further by sharing my creations online. Before DIY I had know idea what a claymation even was! Now I’m making them and coming up with ideas for them all the time!" -TomKat

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