Collaborate with Your Community: Join a DIY Club!

Since the launch of our DIY Club Guide, we’ve been encouraging DIYers from all around the world to form clubs and work to earn skills in collaboration with others in their community.    

We’re thrilled to to announce that over 200 clubs have registered from all over the world. One DIY Club in Portland, OR has really laid that groundwork for how we define a DIY Club. Their Club Leader, Flynn had their first meeting at a local bike shop. They put the call out to DIYers in Portland for the chance to get the Bike Mechanic Skill. Each month they meet at a different spot in their community that focuses on the type of Skills their club is into - and each time, they meet more and more DIYers from the community come out to join them.

We’re extremely grateful for the parents, educators, and mentors who are helping to connect the online DIY experience with the real world. We see clubs as not only a way to connect fellow DIYers, but also as vehicle to positively impact their surrounding communities by connecting DIYers with local organizations who either present a problem to be solved or a passion that Club members are interested in. 

Many thanks to everyone for your support and if your interested in taking part at DIY, find a club in your local area or start one in your neighborhood.  Have a wonderful week.

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