What the Fork?!: Introducing Our Most Popular Forking Project

Forking at DIY only started a few weeks ago, but in that short of a time it has taken off from the Piano in 3D to one of the most know forks on DIY: Wolf Turtle.

It may sound a bit odd, but the basic concept of Wolf Turtle is to portray a wolf standing on the shell of a turtle. We don’t know why exactly DIYers made this the top forked subject, but whatever the reason, it’s awesome. The whole fork started from user Gentle Hunt, who made a drawing of a wolf standing proudly on a turtle’s shell and a description calling for all users to fork. Since then we’ve had recreations in minecraft, claymation, cartoon, with ninja turtles and more. This is exciting because one subject ties all the users together, but also lets them express their individuality.

We’re incredibly proud that forking has inspired such a creative mind in DIYers and can’t wait to see future forks, new and wolf turtle.

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