Killer Cave Lured Ancient Carnivores to Their Death

by Tia Ghose

A cavern in Spain may have lured ancient carnivores to their deaths by offering the promise of food and water, new research suggests.

The new study, published today (May 1) in the journal PLOS ONE, may explain how the carcasses of several carnivore species, including saber-toothed cats and “bear dogs,” wound up in an underground cavern millions of years ago.

“Only the carnivores were daring enough to enter,” said study co-author M. Soledad Domingo, a paleontologist at the University of Michigan. “But they were unable to make their way out.”…

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(images: 1 - illustration of sabertooths with rhino in ancient cave by Mauricio Anton; 2 - photo of Sabertooth skull by Soledad Domingo; 3 - illustration of cave history by Anton, Domingo, Sanchez; 4 - fossil skeleton of ancient “Bear-Dog” by ghedoghedo | Wikimedia)

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