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We’ve all seen makers on DIY that make us happy. Their homemade vacuum cleaners and stop-motion special effects leave grins on our face all day. We’ve often wondered to ourselves what these kids would be like if we could go hang out with them. What is DIY like from their kids-eye-view? How would they talk about it? How do they think about it? What are their lives like?

So we sent two filmmakers out across the country to meet a few of these makers – to see their bedroom workshops and backyard labs. As a surprise, I sent some one-off prototypes of our embroidered Skill patches as a special Christmas gift (they are coming soon for everyone else).

The footage that came back was astonishing. Most of the makers could recount the entire history of DIY’s development during the past year, feature by feature. “Then they introduced Skills… then they allowed comments… then they added following… then they changed the Portfolio.” We were also shocked to see that sometimes only a small percentage of their projects had made it onto DIY. It was a kick in the pants when I saw Gabrielino sift through his physical portfolio of hand-drawn house plans – hundreds of them – that hadn’t made it onto DIY because we hadn’t yet released the Architect Skill.

Above all else, these investigations showed us that the social encouragement and peer-to-peer (kid-to-kid) learning that Makers find on DIY is truly unique and that it keeps them pumped to continue creating. It’s that feeling they have that keeps us pumped to continue creating DIY too.

- Isaiah

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