Our makers have their own blogs!

Two of our makers have created their own blogs, complete with in-depth explanations of some of their projects on DIY. It’s awesome seeing how makers have a natural propensity to learn, create, and share their projects with fellow makers in the community.  

From their parent: 

The boys each have 2-3 posts up and are excited to share their blogs with you.
Clawghost decided to focus on his primary passion: cooking. For now he plans to use his blog to share things he’s made in the kitchen. His blog is The Boy in the Kitchen at http://clawghost.edublogs.org/
Mountaineer wants to explain every detail about his projects so he loves using the blog to share more about his creations. The Monster Book is a good example of that. He’s also including some projects that aren’t on DIY. His blog is My Projects from A to Z at http://mountaineer.edublogs.org/
Definitely going to have to give that pizza cookie a try.
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