Pouring an ice cube using supercooled water:

The temperature of the liquid water is reduced below its freezing point, without becoming a solid. The ice wont form without the presence of a nucleation point (a crystal or impurity around which an ice crystal can begin to grow). However, on contact with another surface, the water instantly freezes. Check out how to make instant ice at home in this video:

(via Ross Exton)

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Stretching Canvas

Painting on canvas can be costly, but you can achieve the same effect by repurposing some old fabric. Plus you’ll get great satisfaction from building your own foundation to paint on. Sort through some old clothes to find a t-shirt for your “canvas”, make sure it’s big enough to fit around your frame, cut down the excess fabric, and staple it on. There’s a finesse to finding the right tautness to your canvas, making sure not to leave it too loose or pull it too tight. From there all it needs is a few coats of gesso, and you’ve got a blank canvas to make a masterpiece on.

What else?
By repurposing old fabric, we can build and stretch a new canvas to use for painting. Consider the environmental impact made by repurposing objects that otherwise might just get thrown away. More curriculum connectors can be found here.

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in the DIY animated series, eli and hanna have to troubleshoot some crazy complex stuff - that’s when visualpedia mode kicks in. if you’re gonna save your town with elite skills, you’ve gotta know how stuff works. 

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Taking off from the water is no easy feat!

85 million years ago, when central North America was covered by a seaway, Pteranodon longiceps roamed the skies. Perhaps one of the most recognizable pterosaurs, its long, backward-pointing crest and immense size (a wingspan of up to 20 feet!) have made it a favorite for generations.

Learn more about this  pterosaur.

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The latest submission for the DIY Skill Design Contest.  Above we have the Microscopist, Book Binder, and the Surrealist Skill submitted by DIYer MisterAnkh.  Submit your skill ideas and conceptual art for the patch by April 30th and be sure to check out Saxon’s video for more details.

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5 Introductory Tools to Programming

Have you been toying with the idea of learning how to program but don’t know how to get started?  Check out these introductory tools to help you begin to think like a programmer.  Figure out how a computer works, instruct computers to performs tasks, create your first game, and more. 

ScratchOne of the easiest ways to get started with programming is to remix someone else’s already existing program. Remix a project using this free programming language called Scratch. You can build games, animations, music videos, and more.

Minecraft: Use blocks to build just about anything you can imagine in a virtual world. Discover engineering concepts, architecture, mathematics, as well as critical thinking skills and teamwork.

Develop a Game: Get started on building out the code, artwork, and music for a video game. These tools will help you build an interactive experience.

Remix a Website: Never seen the insides of a website? Use Hackasaurus to hack your favorite website to have it look and do whatever you want.

Run a Node.js Server: With Node.js, you can mimic the back and forth request/response your browser sends to servers when you visit a website. Set up your first development environment.

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The Kid Entrepreneur

Four months ago Ogel posted a handmade cardboard display for his patches and solved an Entrepreneur challenge in the process.

The response from the community was overwhelming – every one wanted a patch display, too. Sensing an opportunity,  Ogel made a plan to design and produce the displays to sell in the DIY Market.

During two months of development, Ogel iterated the design so the displays could tile infinitely, and he found a local shop that would laser cut the cardboard for him.

We’re happy to share that Ogel’s invention is now the top-selling product in the DIY Market! It’s available for $10.

Help your kid unleash their big ideals to the world by encouraging them to try the Entrepreneur skill.

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